I'm Going to Israel

So this Sunday, May 8th, I will be leaving for three weeks to travel around Israel and Egypt. I work for a travel agency that organizes group tours around the world, including Alaska, the Caribbean, Europe, the Holy Land and other locales. Being in the Marketing Dept., I’m in charge of graphic design and video production and we’re in need of some raw material (i.e. photos and video), and they’re sending me to get it.

Unfortunately, I am not going with my wife, son, mom, dad or any other family. I wish I could bring them all, and I hope someday soon we all can go together. But this time it’s just me and some people from the office. It’s going to be an adventure to say the least, and I’m both extremely excited and slightly nervous. Pray for safety if you could, and that I take really great pictures and video.

I’ll be writing about where I am and what I’m doing right here on www.stephenrobles.com. Hope you’ll follow along, and I’ll try to keep it interesting. I will miss my family, my church family and friends. I’ll be back in a few weeks though. Probably with a beard.