Israel Day 2 - Introductions

So we arrived in Israel around 1:30pm. After getting our bags, driving to the hotel, and settling in, it was close to 4pm. While there wasn’t a whole lot of time, we still managed to make some great contacts and experience some awesome events.

We’re staying at the Olive Tree Hotel in Jerusalem. Nice place, and everyone on staff at the hotel knows our company, Educational Opportunities.

The next step for us was to contact Dr. Pagan. He is a local resident (Puerto Rican by birth) that will be driving me into the desert tomorrow and Wednesday. We ate dinner with him and his wife. Turns out they’re awesome people. He suggested since today is a big holiday for the Jewish people, he wanted to take us to the Mt. of Olives for a panoramic view of Jerusalem. Sounds good to me!

Driving the streets of Jerusalem proved more of an obstacle course than anything else. People throw it in reverse randomly, cut everything way too close, and it seems like there’s little enforcement of traffic laws. Felt kind of like Manhattan.

First stop was the Mt. of Olives. Got some great shots of Jerusalem at night, and it was a sight to behold. What came next was even more exciting.

Dr. Pagan suggested we go to the Wailing Wall. Since during the day we might be asked not to take photos, a night visit might prove more low key. This was exactly opposite of what happened.

Since today was a Jewish holiday, there were hundreds of men and women praying, singing, and blowing Shofars at the wall. This experience was something I did not expect.

Watching this celebration was awe-inspiring. I was able to catch some photos of this event I’ll be sharing soon. It was a great way to end the day.