Israel Day 5

Today we join the classic tour and travel around the Galilee area. The day began with a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee. Galilee is a beautiful place, and we had a short devotion on the water. It’s amazing to be on the same lake where Jesus calmed the storm and Peter walked on water. We docked by the museum where the old “Jesus Boat” was found. It’s an amazing archeological discovery and was quite a challenge to bring it onshore intact. 
The next major site was the Mount of Beatitudes. Here is where Jesus delivered the sermon on the mount. The church built on this location and the surrounding grounds are a work of art. The view of the Sea of Galilee is equally breath-taking.
A short stop at Tabgah came after. Here is the church of The Fish and Loaves or Church of the Multiplication. Here is the location where Jesus fed the 5000. We stopped by Peter’s Primacy where you can go down and put your feet in the Sea of Galilee. There is also a statue of Jesus and Peter walking on water.
Capernaum was one of the more impacting sites. Here are ruins of a temple located next to Peter’s house. The ruins of Peter’s house are found under a recently (30 years ago) constructed church. Jesus was assured to have stayed here. Another beautiful view of the Sea of Galilee found here as well.
For lunch we went to “St. Peter’s Fish” and I had the famous…St. Peter’s Fish. Basically it’s a grilled tilapia, whole. Head, eyes and all. Of course, you don’t eat the head, but it’s a nice effect. This restaurant is also on the Galilee.
The day ended with most of group being baptized in the Jordan river. This was a great time and very important for many. Great photos and video throughout the day.