Israel Day 8 (Introspective Edition)

Every once in a while, if you’re fortunate enough, you get to see hard work put to good use. Today was one of those days. Instead of the textbook descriptions I’ve been giving you (which I will in a moment) I’d like to share some emotional moments for me. 
Working for Educational Opportunities in the Marketing department has me creating brochures, pamphlets, magazines and posters (and many other things). During the creative process it’s hard to find motivation to make something stunning and of highest quality. I always try my hardest though and tell myself that someone, somewhere will enjoy looking at whatever it is I’ve created. 
After a day of touring, all four or five EO tours gathered for a lecture in the hotel meeting room. As the speaker began, he briefly pointed out that there were magazines and pamphlets (that I had created) available for people to take and plan their future trips. Once the lectures was over, a line formed of people wanted to take this material. Afterward, I saw many people reading and browsing the various materials, and it felt awesome. While they may not know it’s me or my supervisor creating these things, they showed their appreciated by reading, enjoying and taking the materials back to their room. I have a new source motivation for when I return.
Another, even more impacting moment was during our stop in Jericho today. The tour bus brought us to the sycamore  tree where  Zaccheus supposedly climbed to see Jesus. While it’s a fairly interesting site, it hardly compared to the Church of the Nativity or the Old City of Jerusalem. What got to me was, all the passengers on our bus were outside, taking photos, laughing, talking, meeting the locals, and having a great time. They were all happy and enjoying themselves…five thousand miles away from home. It made me proud to work for EO, and it again revealed another reason why I should work as hard as I can.
Anyway, today we went to the Mount of Olives, which is a breath-taking view of Jerusalem. Walked into the Old City where we visited Bethesda, the place where Jesus healed the paralytic by the pool, and walked the Via Dolorosa. I was really looking forward to the Via Dolorosa, but it’s pretty much a huge market with peddlers and shops the whole way. It was still pretty eye opening to see how far Jesus had to walk though.
At the end of the Via is the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. It’s here that Jesus’ body was prepared for crucifixion and an area on the second floor of the church where it is thought to be the place of the crucifixion. This place was a mad house with hundreds of people pushing and shoving trying to see the small altar around a hole in the floor that marks the spot. For such a holy place, people acted quite the opposite.
We left the Old City and traveled to Jericho for lunch. Lunch was a feast and after we visited the ancient part of the city, where remnants of the walls could be seen. Jericho is also the oldest city in the world, with history all over. We also got to see a place that’s not open to the public, Elijah’s spring. A place where Jesus Himself drank from. It was a great moment. Returned to the hotel safe and sound.
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