Israel Day 9

Only two more days to go in the Holy Land and then it’s on to Egypt. While we’ve been to a lot of the major sites, and the first on today’s itinerary was a repeat for me, it was great just the same. We began the day by going to the Wailing Wall. We actually came here the first night we were in Jerusalem and it was full with hundreds of Jews worshipping and praying. That night I had chills, but today there were maybe a hundred or so scattered around the wall. The nice part was I got to go up and touch the wall, placing my prayer requests written on small pieces of paper into the cracks between the bricks. Definitely an emotional moment.
Afterwards we went to the birthplace of John the baptist, then up to the Upper Room where the Last Supper and Pentecost took place. I got to read a passage of scripture and lead the group in singing “Holy Spirit Rain Down.” We left there and headed to the House of Caiaphas. 
The House of Caiaphas was the place where Jesus was taken after being tried by Pontious Pilate. It was here where Jesus was thrown into the pit and kept until the crucifixion. Climbing into the pit with the group and having the lights shut, making it dark as when Jesus was there, was pretty impacting. We read the passage and spent a moment in silence. Again, heavy stuff.
The day was fairly short but a great day with the fellow passengers and coworkers. Looking forward to tomorrow, as we travel to Masada and swim in the Dead Sea!
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