Israel Day 11 (Dead Sea Scrolls, Garden Tomb)

Our last day in Israel held a few amazing sites left to see. The first was the Israeli museum, which has a large model of the entire city of Jerusalem. Very cool to see the intricate detail and art found in this model. What hit me even more at the museum was the Dead Sea Scrolls. Heading underground into a dark chamber, several scrolls are on display. There are explanations of the importance of each scroll, the most impacting is the almost word-for-word copy of the entire book of Isaiah. Blew my mind.
We also went to the Holocaust museum in Jerusalem. Not being allowed to take picture I was able to concentrate and see everything I wanted. It’s a very sad place, and it still boggles my mind how so many people were capable of such horrific acts of violence.
The final site of the day was the Garden Tomb. Many in the group immediately felt as though this was their favorite place on the trip. We had communion as a group and were able to climb into the actual tomb. This site is one of two that may have been Jesus’ actual tomb. Either way, it felt pretty real to me. 
At the end of the day we said goodbye to our amazing tour guide, Mike Tahhan and bus driver, Ishmael. They really made the trip special, and the entire bus had a great chemistry. It was an awesome first visit to the Holy Land. Now we leave in the morning for Egypt.
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