Mobius: An Open Letter to Worship Leaders

Mobius StripWhat if leading worship no longer felt like a competition, but rather like a team effort striving toward a single goal? What if worship leaders genuinely reached out to other worship leaders to encourage them, share the latest song ideas, or find a common struggle and work through it together? What if worship became less territorial and instead sought after hurting people, not caring what church they ended up at?

As a worship leader, or anyone in the ministry, it can sometimes feel as though you’re in this alone. Maybe you’re fortunate enough to know a few other worship leaders in the area, but would love to connect with more. Instead of searching through Twitter or Facebook to find what other leaders are singing, wouldn’t it be great if everyone posted their #sundaysetlist in the same place? And rather than worship leaders posting insightful blogs all on their own, what if they contributed to one place where everyone could benefit and comment?

Lately, it seems like many Pastors in this area (Central Florida) are feeling the same thing: the church has stagnated. It’s hard, if not impossible to get people motivated. Excitement from church members is hard to come by, and many do not support the church as they ought. I believe Lead and Senior Pastors are realizing they have to work together and share ideas on how to turn things around and rekindle passion within their congregation. I believe worship leaders need to do the same.

I envision a place where worship leaders blog on a single site for all to see and learn. Weekly worship sets are posted so we can discover new songs. A podcast is created where leaders discuss, share and maybe even argue passionately about worship! Find out what iPad apps are great for worship leaders, what online resources do we use, etc. A connecting point and a resource for all of us.

Mobius Worship. The photo in this post if of a “Mobius Strip.” This mathematical impossibility not only represents eternity, but also the mentality I would like to express. If you just take a section of the strip, you’ll see two opposite sides. These sides seem to point in opposite directions, competing with one another. Like how it sometimes feels with so many amazing church worship teams around. But study the strip in its entirety and you will see that following the surface all the way around, the shape contains only one side. Take your finger and trace the full length of the strip, and you end up right where you started. While it looks like there are two distinct sides, in actuality there is only one, continuous plane. One direction, one goal, one purpose.

Access Church in Lakeland, FL did the math; there are 472,686 people in Polk County and its surrounding areas that don’t go to church. These are the people who need to experience and know Jesus. Our goal should be to reach these people and create an atmosphere in our churches where real worship takes place. And these people are all different, they will identify with different churches, different styles of worship, and different songs. Meaning, there’s a place for each and every worship leader.  

While the name “Mobius Worship” may not stick, it felt like a good analogy for this project. That, and the domain + Twitter account were available, which seems like divine confirmation. If you’re interested or even like this idea, you can follow on Twitter: @MobiusWorship. I’m going to try and have a website, blog and podcast set up very soon, awaiting input from you, the worship leader. Let me know your thoughts; you can find me at:

Twitter:   @stephenrobles