Steve Jobs: Visionary

Today, Steve Jobs died at age 56. I truly didn’t think the headlines that are now covering the internet would come for another 20-30 years. Some may think it’s not a big deal, others recognize the passionate leader that he was. I truly wish my children could have heard him deliver a keynote speech like only he could. Not because of a product, but because he truly cared about his work.

I’ve been reading stories of his life, and there was so much more to him than the stuff he created. This article from Walt Mossberg speaks volumes of his character: 

So much is being said about him that I won’t go on for very long here, but what I feel should be gleamed from his life is this:

Inside every man, there is a small boy with the silly belief that he can do something so great it can change the world. As he grows through adolescence to adulthood, that belief fades and is struck down by peers, society and culture. Eventually that hope shrinks to almost nothing, and it becomes difficult to be passionate about anything.

Steve Jobs is adopted, struggled to find himself early in life, and dropped out of college for the noble reason that it was “draining his parents savings.” He was pushed out of a company he helped create, and then returned to lead it at its most unsuccessful point. From there, Jobs made Apple the most profitable company in the world and has left a legacy that will be remembered forever. 

To me, the importance of Steve Jobs is not in the devices that I own, but it is proof that the boy with a dream is not foolish or unrealistic. One man can and did change the world, and if he could, why not you or I? And what if we changed it for an even more worthy cause than technology? What about truth and love? God and eternity? I pray we are as passionate about these things as Jobs was about his work.

You will be missed.