Facebook Now Has 901 Million Users

Facebook announced on Monday that it now has over 901 Million users, pretty much solidifying the prediction that they will reach over 1 Billion users by year's end. That's 1/7th of the world's population. Someone posted (on Facebook no less) how much they dislike the new Timeline and how they believe it'll fade away like so many services before it. The issue: no other service has claimed 901 Million users or successfully filed for IPO. By 2013 Facebook will be publicly traded and claim a billion people, with over half of those users accessing it every day.

Whether you love it or hate it, Facebook is here to stay, especially with new services like Spotify heavily integrating with Facebook. Many services are also allowing users to login with their Facebook credentials, giving Facebook more information about you and making that login your access key to other services.

While many people have yet to embrace social media, I truly believe that when used correctly, it can be a positivie service. I have had more positive customer service interactions via Twitter and Facebook than I have ever had over the phone. And even though people claim you can't have "meaningful" relationships on Facebook, I'm able to keep up with the friendships from childhood that live far away and would otherwise be nonexistent.

To read more about how Facebook is taking over the world, here's Mashable's article on Facebook's 901 Million Users: