Unflinching Loyalty :: King David's Church Staff

And the king said to the people, I also will surely go out with you myself. 3 But the people answered, You shall not go out! ....But you are worth ten thousand of us now. For you are now more help to us in the city. 4 Then the king said to them, Whatever seems best to you I will do. 2 Samuel 18

What greater honor could there be, but riding into battle with the King at your side? For David's men, the greater honor was to fight for their King. They did not think him a coward or envy his position; instead they honored him with unflinching loyalty and readiness to serve.

During my first full time position at a church, I learned a number of valuable lessons. The greatest lesson came from observing the Associate Pastor and his extreme integrity and loyalty to leadership. Funny how integrity and loyalty go hand in hand. At first I struggled with this seemingly blind trust and thought it to be a fault. Then I realized that this loyalty was a key to success, especially within a church staff.

Many times church staff members believe that their ideas or plans would be more effective than those being asked of them from leadership. Even if they truthfully are, submission and loyalty create a platform for these ideas to be heard. Division and insecurity only destroy any platform of credibility a staff member might have, and frustration sets in.

A friend once told me that sometimes creativity flourishes the most when placed within strict boundaries and guidelines. We were speaking of music; and just think of how many #1 hits there have been on the basis of four simple chords?

So when an objective is given, let's not focus our creativity on finding a different end goal or seemingly "better" project then what was appointed by leaderhip, but rather focus on the most effective way to get the job done with excellence. Submitted creativity can produce many more #1 hits than unfocused, dissented ideas.

David's men acted on submission before it was even required of them. Those in church staff positions, are you running into battle or asking for a way out? Do you say it can't be done, or focus your creativity on making it happen?