I'm Just the _________ Guy

Maybe it's because of the previous jobs I've held, where limited staff and personnel forced me to learn new skills on the fly, but the attitude of this is my job and nothing more seems self-destructive. I've encountered many people, that when forced to perform duties outside of "what they were hired for" or "outside their skill set," put no effort in expanding their knowledge base or just complain as they begrudgingly comply. I completely understand the dangers of being a jack-of-all-trades and master-of-none, but to be honest few us rarely achieve any level of mastery in a given field. With that in mind, I much rather have a large skill set at a competitive level rather than one or two skills slightly above average. This method seems even more valuable in the church world.

A church cannot be a design house or a complete motion picture studio, but many times a Sunday service calls for both. Graphics are needed for screens and printed material, bumper and announcement videos, website updates, invite cards, brochures, and the list goes on. And while the credits after a Hollywood blockbuster may scroll for ten minutes, a church's "credits" would most likely contain three or four names at best.

So don't be the "I'm just the print guy," learn to be flexible and develop new skills, whether out of desire or necessity. I've found my value greatly increases when I don't fight additional responsibilities, but instead take them as an opportunity to gain a new skill. I have my very first full time job (on a church staff) to thank for this. And as Thomas Jefferson once said,

I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.