The #1 Do and Don’t of Church Social Media

As social media continues to explode, with seminars, webinars and conferences all dedicated to teaching businesses and churches how to use it, the #1 Do and Don’t remains the same. You need to engage your audience, otherwise social media becomes a moot point. I started perusing some of the Twitter accounts of other local churches here in Central Florida, some of them rather large with 1000s of members. Then I came across one whose profile said Following: 0. I understand when a company or individual has tens of thousands of followers and can’t possibly follow everyone back. But to follow absolutely no one; that’s a mistake.

The biggest win and return on investment you can get from social media is meaningful interaction with your church members, clients and followers. As we have been ramping up the social media here at The Crossing Church, I’ve seen great questions, comments and even conversations happen on Facebook and Twitter. Members are gaining a sense of ownership and partnership, and that’s the whole point.

If you’re just starting out in social media, or you still don’t completely understand it, Step 1 is always to begin following and interacting with others. At the very least, you can learn from those doing social media the right way, and emulate their practices. But if you’re following 0 people, you’re doing something wrong.

Do: Follow and engage your church members as much as possible.

Don't: Follow zero people.

Side note: If your church members or business clients see that your organization is following them back, there’s great brand value and trust that can be gained in that as well.