Why Your Church Needs a Mobile Site

The Crossing Church Mobile SiteLast week, Apple Insider posted an article stating that mobile devices (smartphone and tablets) account for 20% of all internet traffic in the U.S. and Canada. That means, every 1 out of 5 guests who visit your church website are doing it on a mobile device. Do you have Flash banners they're not seeing? Is your video optimized to play on an iPhone? Are your buttons touch friendly?

It's becoming increasingly important that you have a mobile site that visitors are automatically brought to if they're on a phone or tablet. Many times I click a link in Twitter or Facebook from my iPhone, only to see a blank page (because I've been brought to a flash site) or I can't watch a video because it's flash. Do I go back to the website when I return to my computer later? Nope. I forget about it.

Creating a mobile optimized site doesn't have to be difficult, just avoid using any flash and upload your messages or announcement videos to services like YouTube or Vimeo. This way you know your visitors will be able to see all your content and play videos without any issue. To see what I've done for The Crossing Church, visit crossingonline.org from your mobile device and tablet to see two different, optimized experiences. And one more thing, remember to always place a link for users to access the full desktop site if they wish.

Apple Insider Article: http://robles.cc/JIJijS