The Power of Social + Church Events

Last week, The Crossing Church held its Big Baptism Blowout. This awesome event was impacting to everyone who came and participated, but some of the truly inspirational moments happened after the event. Throughout the night and over the next several days, people who attended the event tweeted and posted on Facebook their testimonies and how special the night was for them. The chart above shows the average activity on our Facebook page before and after the event (I'll let you guess when the event happened along the timeline).

On average, our Facebook posts have 400-1000 individual views. The posts during our Baptism Blowout had an average of 3500 individual views, with 100s of "Likes" and comments. This does not include the 100s of tweets and Instagram photos that were posted as well. To see just a small number of these interactions, head on over to

Witnessing the aftermath on our social media networks after the event once again proved to me the power of engagement and interaction. While the event was incredible all by itself, the ability to share stories and see how it affected people you have never "met" took it to the next level. I'm excited to see the usage of our social accounts now, and for future events. Tools like HootFeed LIVE could make real-time interaction even more compelling.

How has social media affected your church or business? Do you find it helpful, useful or still challenging to use?