Servant Book Introduction: Part 2

The following post is the first in a series, part of a larger work that may one day be in book form. I'll be posting excerpts here periodically and would love your input on the subject matter, its relevance and continuity. Follow the "Servant Book" category in the navigation bar above to see all the posts in this series. For Part I of the introduction, click here. Thanks for reading. One of the most important qualities of a leader is to surround themselves with people more talented and skilled than they are. This can be difficult, as a leader may struggle with insecurity or self-doubt when those around him are exponentially more skilled. But a leader cannot fulfill all the roles in an organization, nor should he.

So what is there for the follower? The servant? What does it look like to serve with humility, loyalty and skill? That is the purpose of this book. I have been the leader, managing, organizing, directing; and I have been the servant. While neither job is easy, the latter deserves just as much attention as the former.

If everyone aspires to be the leader, who then becomes the servant? Instead, maybe it's your calling to be the servant. Can the servant be just as fulfilled as the leader? I believe he can, and should be. Someone needs to fight in the trenches, get dirty, get the job done well. That has become my mission in every organization I've been a part of, and I find it very gratifying.

Leader, you may certainly read on and learn more about what we here in the trenches are trying to accomplish, but this is not written for you. What you read in the following pages is how to follow, how to serve, and do it well. How to be an integral part of the team, rather than the remainder. Jesus commanded those under leadership to be faithful in a few things; let's learn how to be faithful in all things.