Score Another for Facebook


Above the Influence is an organization whose mission is to empower teens with the confidence to stand up against negative peer pressure and stay free from drugs and alcohol. They just started running TV ads like the one above. Their Facebook page also has over 1.4 million likes.

What I see of interest in their TV spot is a trend among company's billboards, print ads and video: forget a URL and just give the Facebook page. Not only is a majority of the commercial made up of Facebook screenshots, interactions and comments, but at the end of the video they display the link to their Facebook page, not their home page.

This practice appears to be growing in popularity, and while I may not agree it's ideal for all situations, it's a smart move. Despite all the privacy issues in the past, people trust Facebook. When they see a link to a Facebook page rather than an external URL, they're more likely to trust it. Not to mention, close to 1 billion people are already on Facebook with 50% of them visiting daily!

Using a Facebook page as your main point of contact also gives people the ability to interact with others instantly, read testimonials from current members or customers, and if you're savvy enough to integrate apps, your page can have much of the functionality of a full website.

Say what you will, but Facebook is here to stay.