Chick-fil-a Labeled as "Anti-Gay"

Earlier this week The Advocate ran an article stating that Chick-fil-a Donated $2 Million to "Anti-Gay" groups in 2010. After the article was posted, I saw several people on Twitter proclaiming that they're "no longer going to eat" there because of this prejudice attitude. The charity in question is the Marriage and Family Foundation, which in the last point of their mission statement says, "Opposing Homosexual Behavior as a Protected Class." This is clearly a Christian organization and believes in the sanctity of marriage, and the same goes for Chick-fil-a. But I believe labeling Chick-fil-a as "anti-gay" is unfair.

Chick-fil-a is an openly Christian organization; they're closed on Sunday much to my chagrin. So I don't see why it's a surprise they support an organization with Christian values. And the Marriage and Family Foundation states it opposes "Protected Class" status for homosexuals, not a hatred or disgust towards them.

Since I married a woman, does that make me anti-gay? Starbucks and Disney both openly support homosexuality; does that make them anti-heterosexual?

Labeling any organization as "anti-" is a hasty generalization. Would Chick-fil-a refuse to serve a homosexual? I doubt it. Is there better seating reserved for heterosexuals? No. And to be clear, I am not anti-gay either. No more than I am anti-gossiper or anti-live in girlfriend. We're talking about people here, and the Bible calls us to love people. Do I agree with their actions? No. But that does not make me against them or hate them.

Would like to hear your thoughts on the matter below. Or if you happen to agree with my stance, go have lunch at Chick-fil-a. You won't regret it.

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