Chemistry, Ownership and Teamwork

Serving on various teams in area such as music, media, business and marketing, three key traits seem to rise to the top. Chemistry. Ownership. Teamwork. While it's rare to see al three of these characteristics present in a single team, when they are it becomes immediately noticeable.

1. Chemistry

The relational side of a team is one of the most important facets. If you can't laugh together and actually enjoy each other's company, it will be difficult to work together. That's not to say personalities will immediately gel together at first, but when it does work turns into fun.

So what happens when your team doesn't immediately get along or have that ideal chemistry? Spend time together, outside the office. There's something to be said about structured relationships, forcing yourself to befriend a colleague and team member. You may have to reach outside your relational comfort zone or adjust your own likes and dislikes, but the end result is a better team that's a joy to work with.

2. Ownership

One of the worst feelings comes during that team meeting when someone throws out a great idea, but no one takes ownership of it. Ownership means work; additional tasks on your plate. But without ownership, a team will be disorganized and confused.

When a task doesn't have an owner, one of two things will happen.

1. The task will fall on someone who doesn't have the passion to complete it with excellence

2. The task will be overlooked until the last minute and be rushed to completion.

Great team members will own their tasks without being requested. Their desire to see the team succeed will drive them to become passionate about the ideas and seeing them come to fruition. Take ownership of your duties and be passionate about completing them.

3. Teamwork

Quite simply, a team must learn how to work together and not in opposition. There needs to be a consistency of effort across all team members, and no one "dodging the bullet" trying to get out of their responsibilities.

A team member must be willing to submit to a better or more realistic idea and swallow their pride. The collective goals of a team supersedes the individual ideas, and the greater good of the team takes priority.

What have been your experiences working on a team? What qualities do you feel are necessary for success?