No, Thank You!

It’s as if we’ve all forgotten the etiquette our mothers ingrained in us as children. When someone says “Thank you,” you reply, “You’re welcome.” Simple concept, yet somehow many of us (myself included) twist this simple exchange into something less meaningful.

Just as a word repeated too many times loses it’s meaning, so can a thank you become just something else to say. What’s of more interest though is the response we give to a gracious “thank you.”

Often I catch myself replying, “No problem.” What exactly does that mean? This task you’re thanking me for didn’t inconvenience me too much so, eh, no problem. Or what makes even less sense, replying with a, No, Thank You!

Chick-fil-a has their strategy down to a science. Over 90% of the time if you tell one of their employees thank you, they respond with my pleasure. Think about it, if you tell your waiter, teacher or doctor “thank you,” what would you rather hear back?

No Problem.

No, Thank You!


My Pleasure.