Don't Buy Any Technology for 2 Weeks

Usually I write these "Don't Buy Any ____" posts because an impending Apple event may reveal major updates to their product line. This time, it goes beyond Apple: October is a huge month for the technology industry as a whole.

Earlier this week, Apple announced a "media event" for Tuesday, October 23rd. The long rumored iPad Mini is said to make its debut, along with a refresh to the iMac computer and possible a 13" Retina MacBook. So if you were thinking about buying any kind of Apple product in the near future, definitely wait until after this event. 

While I'm a huge proponent of the iPad 3 being the de facto standard in tablet computing and suggest anyone interested in a tablet to buy one, a 7" iPad Mini is an intriguing thought. If you have an iPad, you know reading on it can be cumbersome as it does get heavy after a short while. The price is also said to be extremely competitive, around $200 - $250. If it does hit that price point, the Kindle Fire will become an extremely hard sell.

But even if you're not an Apple fan, Google has also scheduled an event for Monday, October 29th. This "Nexus" event is said to reveal their new flagship Android smartphone, possibly a new tablet and even the next version of its operating system. There could also be more sweeping changes to Android as a whole, including a multi-manufacturer Nexus program.

And amidst the titans of mobile (Apple and Google) duking it out, Microsoft is fighting to be heard with the release of Windows 8 later this month and the Surface tablet. 

Despite being a long time Apple aficionado, I'm excited to see what all these companies have in store this holiday season. I'll have plenty of thoughts after each event, and will most likely podcast with the infamous @iammrstacey.

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