The Thrill of Creation

The term "creative" is usually reserved for those with artistic abilities, such as a painter, photographer or film producer. And when we don't fall under one of these headings, it's hard to think of ourselves as being a creator of things. The attribute of creative also seems lofty and unattainable for us commoners. 

But in reality we all create, every single day. Even in the most mundane tasks, if you look hard enough, there's a glimmer of creation attached to it. The essence of creation is bringing something into existence that was not previously. When an artist paints a beautiful landscape, he creates an image that did not exist before. Despite the existence of similar paintings, his is completely unique and has the mark of creation.

I find a deep thrill when I write, even if it's not good some days. Why? Because I know I'm creating something; I'm being creative. This very blog post did not exist before I typed it, and while the words and ideas may not be new, I have arranged and written them in a way only I would.

Maybe you work in the construction field; I find it amazing how someone can literally create a wall where one did not exist few days ago. If you're a receptionist or administrative assistant, those emails you are writing to clients and partners did not exist before you penned them, you have created something.

Not all creation may be exhilarating, but take joy in the fact that you have the power to create today. And don't let it go to waste. Start something new, write something, draw something.