It's amazing how divisive four years can be. Yesterday, if you perused social media after the election you would see those declaring it's the end of the world, and those exclaiming utopia is upon us. Such polarizing opinions based off one man's ability to run a country of over 300 million people.

To be transparent, the election did not end the way I wished it to go. But more importantly, I refuse to live in fear the next four years. I understand the implications of yesterday's election, but I also know that we, as a country, voted to keep a man in office. While we need to pray for our government, even more effort must be put on reaching those who cast these votes.

I will not spend the next four years proclaiming someone is wrong, foolish or un-informed. Doing so leaves no chance for positive influence. Instead, I want to engage in meaningful conversation with those of differing opinions. Like Jesus and Nicodemus, I do not want to shy away from conversations that challenge my beliefs. Instead I hope to offer a sound, intelligent defense to my Biblical views while listening to those who differ.

Throughout history, there have been tyrants and there have been Kings who fear God. Even during the oppressive rule of Caesar and the Romans, a hero arose and changed our world forever. The government thought to kill him, yet he rose again. 

On the other hand, King David was a man after God's own heart. A true, noble and spiritually grounded King. Yet even he failed and became a murderer and adulterer. No man is perfect, only Jesus.

For the next four years I will not live in fear, but instead live with a greater sense of responsibility to reach those who don't know God. To understand and learn why so many reject the Bible and its values. And most importantly, to listen more than I speak. And to choose the words I say carefully, soaked in grace and love.