My Writing Resolution

I saw a blog today, it's title was How to Blog for Money and Traffic.

These two things of course are every blogger's dream. To do what you love (write), have lots of people read it and get paid to do it. Dream scenario.

The problem is, many times that means writing about stuff you're not particularly passionate about or trying to SEO every blog post by counting keywords. I know that if I were to write five posts a day with tips on iPhone, iPad or Mac I would quadruple my blog traffic. And while I do love technology and writing about it, that's not what I'm truly passionate about.

I want to help people communicate better, be more productive in their day to day work lives, and help churches use new technologies to save money and deliver the gospel more efficiently. Sure, writing about iPads and self-help topics would increase traffic and I can sell ads on my page, but I don't want that to be my motivation.

There are so many resources for bloggers to help them become better bloggers. Usually that includes writing consistently, growing your "email list" and pounding social media with your new and old posts. I'm going a different route.

I pledge to write when I can and never force a post because I haven't "written one in a while."

I pledge to write about things I truly care about and what I believe will genuinely help other people.

I pledge not to be motivated by traffic, or ad impressions, but passion for the content I produce.