Excellence Over Perfection

I never liked group projects in school. It always felt like I ended up doing most of the work anyway and everyone got equal credit. Or worse, someone else in the group did most of the work and it turned out sub-par, reflecting poorly on myself. I knew if I could just own a project and be the only one working it, I could finish with perfection.

Because you have trusted in your wealth and skill, you will be taken captive. Jeremiah 48:7

The problem with perfection? It's subjective. Maybe you think that proposal was perfect; but the person receiving it thinks otherwise. That ten-page paper you turned in felt flawless, but the teacher was looking for more. The pursuit of perfection can be unfulfilling and tiresome; it's not sustainable.

Yesterday I directed four church services, directing a team of volunteers running cameras, projection, stage, etc. I went in looking for perfection, and obviously didn't obtain it. On the flip side, those in authority were extremely pleased with all services. How could they be, they weren't perfect? No, but they were done with excellence.

Despite several "errors," after each instance we recovered quickly and made sure never to repeat the mistake. I was able to trust in the volunteers on my team and they performed beautifully. If I was looking for perfection yesterday, I would have been very disappointed. But, we did everything with excellence and effectively worked as a team.