One Skill to Rule Them All

Every job requires a set of skills specific to the tasks at hand. If you're a musician, you obviously need to be skilled at playing a variety of styles of music, if you work in IT you need to know how to set up a network. But aside from all the job-specific requirements, there is one skill that brings all your talent together. 

Problem Solving.

While I have some knowledge in many areas, the only reason I have been consistently successful is the ability to troubleshoot and find viable solutions quickly. You may have a Master's Degree in Engineering, but if you have poor problem-solving skills you're not likely to succeed.

There have been many times I walk into a position or role at a company and don't have the skills I need to complete the job. But, with perseverance I can learn quickly and find a solution, all while gaining some knowledge in the process. Honestly, I believe the reason I'm able to do this is a prayer my parents spoke over me while growing up. I didn't know they prayed this until a few months ago, but I have now begun praying this over my own children:

Lord, may my child, like Daniel, show "...aptitude for every kind of learning, [be] well informed, quick to understand and qualified to serve in the king's palace," (Daniel 1:4)
May he "speak with wisdom and tact," and may he be "found to have a keen mind and knowledge and understanding and also the solve difficult problems," (Daniel 2:14, 5:12)
Lord, endow my child with "wisdom and very great insight, and a breadth of understanding as measureless as the sand on the seashore," (I Kings 4:29).