iTunes U: Free Education is Waiting

While podcasting is slowly becoming mainstream for both listeners and producers, there's a small corner of the iTunes world that is largely overlooked: iTunes U. To put it briefly, iTunes U holds over 500,000 lectures (audio and video), recorded during real courses from Universities like Yale, Duke, Harvard, Stanford and many more.

Not only are the participating schools first-class, but they offer a wide range of subjects. Molelcular biology, history, foreign languages, philosophy, and even iPhone and iPad App Development courses are all available in their entirety and completely for free.

In addition to the audio and video lectures available for download, the accompanying iBooks Textbooks for iPad allows you to purchase interactive course material with videos, 3D animations and places for you to take notes. Remember those college days when your backpack gave you scoliosis from the weight of 10 textbooks? Now all you need to carry is an iPad.

Aside from traditional courses like literature or social sciences, there are also several Christian Universities like Biola who have great courses on apologetics, leadership, religion, theology, hermeneutics and much more.

The downside? You can theoretically take all the courses needed for a Master's in Divinity or MBA, but even if you do there's no degree at the end. So you don't get a pieace of paper, big deal. You can still aquire all the knowledge you've wanted in as many subject areas as you desire for FREE.

High School students could get a leg up before college. University students can learn the same subject from three different lecturers to aid comprehension. And you, who wasn't able to go to college for whatever reason. Now you can, and it won't cost a dime. Be self-motivated, learn something. I recall from childhood the NBC commercials for The More You Know.

Start knowing more.