The Thank You Email

Back when AOL was the internet and the universal sign for email was You've Got Mail, getting a new message was almost exciting. Email never pertained to work, spam messages didn't exist yet or were few and far between, and checking your email was a once a day activity.

Fast forward to today, where emails come in instantly to your phone, 20% are spam or offers, 70% are work and things you have to do, and maybe 10% are from family and friends. Personally, I receive a good amount every day, and by good I mean an obscene amount. So I've recently adopted the inbox:zero mentality to increase productivity.

Every time I receive an email, I do one of three things:

  • Delete it
  • Archive to a Folder
  • Respond

This way, emails that have little to no importance are gone forever. Emails I need to file away don't clutter my inbox, and emails that I need to respond to are addressed immediately. Any emails left in my inbox are tasks I need to complete, and once I'm finished the email gets filed away. While this may take more time than just leaving everything in your inbox, it helps me stay organized, productive and less distracted.

Keeping with this method, any superflous emails can get annoying quickly, and the biggest offender: The Thank You Email. We all know know the Thank You email. You just responded to someone asking something of you and right as you file the email away you get:

Thank You!

Is it polite? Sure. And maybe when you're early in an "email relationship" or it's a new coworker, it's good to be cordial at first. But after a while, that Thank You email becomes noise, and more work for you the recipient.

You can still be personable throughout an email conversation, but I challenge you, leave off the Thank You. If the task or request is completed, leave it at that without extra flulff.

By the way,

Thank You for Reading!