2013: What Now?

We've made it.

The Mayans were a little off, the world has not ended, the people who built arcs and bomb shelters feel a little silly, and the movie 2012 has a little less punch. While many knew the world wasn't really going to end, it still felt like some of us had parts of our lives on hold.

That feeling wasn't just specific to 2012, we've all been guilty of the "P" word: procrastination. We know we can procrastinate in the little things and get away with it. If the house doesn't get vacuumed today or you send that "Thank You" note tomorrow, no one is really going to notice. But what about the larger things in life?

Can you continue procrastinating about getting your finances in order? What about your marriage, can it take another year off? Will you spend time with your kids "tomorrowagain this year?

You can probably find some reason to let fear paralyze you again this year if you'd like. Maybe it's the fiscal cliff, guns, or some other buzz word. You can always find some reason to put life changes on hold, but the real reasons are laziness and procrastination.

The world has not ended and a new year is upon us. Don't make resolutions again. Take comedian Jim Gaffigan's tweet as a lesson about resolutions:

Do something different than you did last year. Start making small changes toward a larger goal. Don't let fear paralyze your ability to improve your life and care for those around you.

I'll give you a hint, the world's probably not going to end this year either.