A Tip for Setting Reminders

I'm not sure how people got along without Task and To-Do lists. Sure, once upon a time "To-Do's" were simply yellow Post-It notes covering your desk, but now they're neat lists on our smartphones and tablets cluttering up some productivity app.

Everyone should have a To-Do or Reminders list somewhere, otherwise the ball will  be dropped eventually. What's even more beneficial is setting an alarm to remind you of said task in your favorite smartphone app (I personally use Apple's built-in Reminders).

Great idea. Create a task with an alarm that will remind you to do it. Here's the problem: Many times we set that reminder without taking into account our already busy calendar. Scheduling a reminder that goes off in your meeting tomorrow doesn't help anyone. You'll have to ignore it, change the alarm time again (if you remember) and it breaks whatever flow of productivity you just had. 

Next time, when you're setting that reminder to go off at 12:30 (in the middle of lunch hour) think again. Set it for a time you know you'll be able to complete the task when the alarm goes off. This way you don't have to ignore it, and you don't have to reset the alarm. You just get it done.