The Simple Joy of Helping People

Being "tech savvy" has its advantages, but with it comes a certain responsibility. Being a known techie (which somehow people are able to deduce within minutes of speaking with you) will bring with it a host of questions. People will ask you about their phones, computers and iPads; and once you've answered every possible question, you will meet someone new who repeats the process.

I've seen some of these technology aficionados become frustrated with those who simply don't understand how to send an email. Others don't even give those in need the time of day. But for some reason, I don't care how many people ask me how to "send a Wifi,"

I love to help these people.

People tend to feel bad, believing they are somehow insulting my intelligence by asking what's a Bluetooth; but I honestly enjoy answering every single question they have. Sure, I love having the nerdiest conversation one can have with a close friend, but the simply joy of helping someone learn something new holds a special place in my heart.

But if we think about it, it's not just about technology or computers, there comes a joy and inner fulfillment when we're able to help someone. To share knowledge with someone they didn't have before. Teachers may know this best, but the look of someone fully grasping a new concept is a beautiful sight.

Go help someone.