Sex: Only a Friend Request Away

Social networking has officially gone off the rails. I'm sure many of you are familiar with smartphone games such as Words with Friends. Well, there's a new game for you to play with those close to you...

Bang with Friends

Yes. As the name implies, this social service is specifically made for you to connect with those you know who wouldn't mind casually hooking up. For the over 30 crowd that means having sex.

If you're interested in learning more about it, you can read the whole story here. The gist? Sign into Bang with Friends with your Facebook credentials. It's completely private so no one will know you've signed up (unless they too are ready to hook up).

Choose the friends you're interested in "hooking up" with and if they've selected you as well, both parties get a notification that you have a successful "match." There are currently over 750,000 users of this service and the company has reported over 180,000 successful pairings.

The company has now released a conference-specific app for SXSW, a technology and social media event held in Austin, TX. With this iteration, users can anonymously find others who are ready to hook up at the conference.

In short, this is madness. I understand society as a whole has casual-ized sex to be appropriate far outside the marriage bed, but this seems particularly heinous. I can only imagine what type of "services" will exist when my four year old is a teenager.