A Truly Open Corporate Culture

If you didn't know, @jack is the CEO and founder of two very popular and modern companies: Twitter and Square. One is a social network, the other a modern payment platform revolutionizing how people run their small business. I follow @jack on Twitter and always found him intriguing. 

Recently I found the following article and video from Forbes describing a writer's encounter with the young, millionaire entrepreneur. One of the most interesting pieces is his corporate policy for communication.

If you've worked at any job for more than a day, you realize communication is a challenge for any corporation, business or staff. So @jack offers the following solution, and if his success is any measure of this practice, it apparently works very well.

Quoted from the video (around 3:18):

If there's a meeting with more than two people, one of those people in the meeting is tasked with taking notes. Those notes are then sent out to everyone in the company. Everyone needs to know what's going on in the company at every level.

So any meeting with three people or more, copious notes are taken and then sent to everyone in the company. Over-communication? Maybe, but Dave Ramsey feels the same way in his book, EntreLeadership. Over-communication is markedly better than under, or miscommunication.

What would happen if, at your business, whenever a topic was discussed or decision made, everyone in the company knew at the same time? Camaraderie? The feeling of unity in the team? Ability to prepare effectively across all departments?

Apparently, it's working for @jack.