The Currency of Time

Investing money is a simple principle; put a small percentage of your income toward an IRA or mutual fund and over time it will grow to a substantial amount. While simple, it's not necessarily easy. Even I struggle with the thought that such small amounts of money don't really matter in the long run. I'd much rather put large sums of money away less often and see the growth instantly.

The problem is, large sums of money rarely come about. Maybe a tax return here and there yeilds a few thousand and it can be saved or invested successfully. But even that won't equal the amount gained over time in much smaller increments.

So it is with time.

Many people work jobs they're not particularly passionate about hoping one day to do something they love. They know it takes time and energy to break into whatever field or hobby they desire, and they simply don't have it.

The choice becomes, wait for the opportunity when I have hours and days to work on my passion, my dream, or give it up entirely.

But there is another option. Just like saving the few dollars you can spare as often as possible, so is the currency of time. Rarely will you get hours to devote to your personal dream or hope. You won't have months of free time to launch that business. Instead, invest a few minutes often, and over time see your dream come to fruition.

Instead of spending 30 minutes of your lunch break watching cats on YouTube, why not spend that short amount of time devoted to your dream? You may not see progress instantaneously, but over time you may be closer than you think to doing your passion full-time.

Sure, you need time to "relax" and "take a break." But 10 years from now, all those 30 minute breaks will not multiply into more rest later in life. They could however, turn into a large investment that when cashed out, allows you to fully realize your dream.