Ready to Blog? Start Here

Recently it seems that more of my friends and colleagues want to enter the blogging world. Blogging isn't new, but it is easier than ever before to create a quality blog and not spend your life getting it to work. After all, you don't want to tinker with plug-ins and settings, you just want to write.

That being said, I've tried most blogging platforms out there. Blogger, Tumblr,, Self-Hosted Wordpress, developed my own; there are many ways to do it. But not all blogs were created equal.

If you're looking for the free-est model and have some web savvy-ness, or a self-hosted Wordpress is probably your best bet. Buy a domain (not from GoDaddy, buy from and use promo code: macbreak) for $15 a year, buy hosting ( for $5 a month and you can be up and running today. Jeff Goins has a great post on setting up a Wordpress blog in 8 minutes: 

The Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Launching Your Own Blog

But I've found the best platform for how I want to write is not Wordpress. It's not free, but if you want a great looking blog you can manage yourself with minimal learning curve, use

That's what this blog is built on and what I recommend over the more popular Wordpress. It doesn't have the thousands of themes and plug-ins Wordpress has, but it's simple, easy to use, and just works the way I want it too. Developers can also have access to the site code and make even more custom changes.

Every theme is optimized for smartphone and tablet screens. Embedding tweets, videos and images are literally as easy as drag-and-drop from you computer to your web browser. And Squarespace offers numerous training videos to get you started: Training Videos

You can pay $20 a month or save a little and buy the whole year at once. They'll give you a domain and set it up for free. And they just added commerce options so you can sell your products, music downloads and more easily.

You can try it for free for 14 Days without a credit card. I'd strongly suggest taking a hard look at Squarespace as you dive into the blogging world.

Happy writing.