Blogs About Blogging

Now that you've setup your blog on Squarespace, Wordpress, or some other service, it's a good idea to follow some people who are doing blogs well. There's no shortage of people who "blog about blogging," but there are a few who offer excellent guidance as you begin your new writing career.

Michael Hyatt

Michael Hyatt is the former Chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, and is a best-selling author and speaker. He blogs and podcasts at least weekly about helping you create a Platform (one of his best-selling books), leadership and productivity. He's a great first blog to follow for his writing advice and even more so his leadership principles.

Jeff Goins

If your main interest is to start writing, whether that's a blog, book or e-book, Goins is your man. His Writer's Manifesto can be downloaded for free if you sign up for his newsletter. I also recently read his book Wrecked, which was great. Not specifically about writing or blogging, but an inspirational read nonetheless. 

Seth Godin

The master himself, Seth Godin runs probably one of the most well known and popular blogs on the internet. His famous line, "Just Google 'Seth'" still holds true as his blog is at the top of Google's search list. He writes about blogging, trends, productivity, leadership and a host of other things. Godin has written a number of popular books as well; you can find them here.