Is What You Really Want to Do, Really What You Want to Do?

While at the park the other day, I couldn't help (well I probably could've) but overhear a young woman's phone conversation. It sounded like she was talking to a good friend and was expounding on her near and long term life goals. Here are three statements that stood out:

"I would love to teach an art class."
"Just need to get my degrees."
"I hate having to be somewhere at a certain time."

She probably didn't realize it, but like many of us her desires were conflicting. The one thing she said she wanted to do was teach an art class. She believes to do that she has to earn her Bachelor's and Master's degrees (not necessarily true). 

The only problem is: She hates being somewhere on time.

Let's dissect this: She wants to teach a class, a thing that happens several times a week at an exact time where 20-30 students or more will be waiting for her to impart wisdom. But she would hate having to be on time. Seems like a contradiction to me.

Also, she feels a Bachelor's and Master's degree is required. Well, to earn those you need to take classes and tests, which require a person to be at a certain place at a certain time. And she would be subjecting herself to 4-6 years of this.

Like this young woman, we too should take a step back and think about what it is we really enjoy and want to do, and what it would really take to accomplish that.

If she doesn't like the responsibility of being on time at a certain place, maybe teaching a class isn't for her. Maybe she would enjoy teaching private art lessons at her house or painting freelance.

Also, college doesn't seem to bode well given her hatred of punctuality. But does it take 2-3 degrees to teach art? I would suggest she finds other artists in the area already doing what she aspires to do. Ask them what it took and is a Master's degree necessary?

I'm no art connoisseur, but I bet if she spent some time learning from other artists and growing her skill to become one of the best in the area, people will look at her work before her pedigree.