Marketing Lesson from Apple vs Microsoft

One of Apple's strong suits is the ability to pull on your emotions in their product advertising. Companies like Google and Amazon started copying Apple's style of commercial appealing to nostalgia and sentiment (see this and this).

Apparently, Microsoft still doesn't get the hint. Two exmaples below show a recent commercial for Microsoft's new Surface Pro tablet. From what I gather, if everyone in your board meeting has a Surface, you're likely to start breakdancing. Aside from the dancing and drawing a check mark on a pie graph, we don't see real-world use cases and it doesn't appeal to emotion.

The second is Apple's latest iPhone commercial. It only showcases a single feature of the device: the camera. It shows real people, in real situations using the phone. Sharing the photos. And most importantly, we can all relate. We can place ourselves in the commercial, using the iPhone to take photos of our kids, with our friends or the beach.

When you market or advertise, please follow the latter: