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I love technology. And I'm passionate about it. So passionate in fact, that I want everyone I come in contact with to understand and have great experiences with the technology around them. Many times that means helping someone understand their smartphone, computer or tablet.

If you've seen any of my work, you'll know I'm an Apple advocate. I believe in terms of reliability, design and ease of use, Apple products like the iPhone and iPad will give people the best experience available today. And when used well, these products can improve aspects of their work, hobbies and day-to-day life. That's the main drive behind my daily podcast, and now this. My first eBook, iPad for Musicians.

I graduated from Southeastern University with a Bachelor's in Trumpet performance and went straight into a musical career. I was the Music Director for Winter Haven Worship Center. Every choir rehearsal I dragged a three inch binder with choral anthems and chord charts to the piano and shuffled through half torn pages and bent metal rings.


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The iPad came out a couple years later and I have owned every model since. From my time as a Music Director, to gigging with jazz trios and playing from The Real Book, to leading an all-ladies A Cappella team to sing the National Anthem at an Orlando Magic game, to playing bass and trumpet, I've found the iPad has become an amazing asset when it comes to music. 

Whether you are a music student, concert pianist, choral director, or play guitar in a bandthere is an app, service or accessory for the iPad that will enhance or ease your musical career. That's the content of this eBook.

I don't walk you through how to setup an iPad, or show you how to put email on the device. Instead I showcase quality apps that have real-world value. I talk about several services that will help you get paid as a musician, save and backup your sheet music, and give you access to music in the cloud. I also suggest several accessories like an iPad music stand, bluetooth pedal page-turner and more. 

So regardless of where you are in your musical studies or career, if you're looking to purchase a tablet or already have an iPad and you're trying to fit it into your musical workflow, this eBook is for you.  

iPad for Musicians can be purchased right here on my site in the Store  section. You can also click the purchase button above. This PDF eBook contains links to all the apps and accessories I suggest, plus several "goodies" throughout. I hope you enjoy and find this guide interesting and useful.

This book is now available as an interactive, high-quality iBook from Apple made just for iPad. You can purchase the iBook version for $3.99 by clicking here. 

In case you would like to obtain a sample of the eBook before purchasing, follow the instructions below. If you have any questions, you can send me a message using the contact page. Tweet at me @stephenrobles, and for more technology tips and news, listen to my daily podcast, The Tech Tailor. Enjoy!


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