I am an Evangelical Christian, and I Love Science

When people asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, my answer was sure. A scientist. No doubt in my mind. After all, I had the gem and mineral collection including Amethyst and Garnet (a must have for any scientist), I regularly put on science shows with a kit that could change water from clear to blue and then back again, and most of all I studied the universe constantly on our dial-up internet connection. I knew the difference between a red giant and a white dwarf, that Uranus was tilted and Pluto was still a planet (RIP).

Of course, the dream of being a scientist never panned out and I became a musician / tech person instead. But my love for science, molecules and the universe never went away. The size of the cosmos still racks my brain, the distance of the stars we see at night is awe-inspiring, and don’t even get me started on time travel. But lately, it seems as though I’m not supposed to love science as much as I do. After all, I’m an Evangelical Christian... Read more...

Stephen Robles

Story Group, Lakeland, FL

Director of Creative Arts & Technology @WeAreCrossing | Snapchat + Instagram: stephenrobles