iPhone 6 Coming September 9

Yes, it's that time of year again. Apple faithfully releases a new iPhone into the world every year, and this time it appears to be arriving on September 9, 2014. Whether you're in the market for a new iPhone, or even a new Android phone, the release of the iPhone 6 affects everyone.

Before I go any further let me give you one piece of advice: do not buy any kind of new phone until September 9. Even if you usually buy an older iPhone to save some cash, the release of the new iPhone means current models get bumped down in price. So you can buy something like the 5S or 5C for $100 or possibly even free. We'll know exactly what those prices look like once Apple announces the iPhone 6.

If you're the kind of person who orders their phone on launch day, or you're in the market for the best of the best, the new iPhone will answer many of the complaints from long time iPhone users and Android owners alike.

The biggest change this year? A bigger screen. 

Of all the complaints I hear from Android users, the top two are the iPhone's screen size and it's inability to accept 3rd party customizations (like the Swype keyboard). From what we know now through supply leaks and rumors, the iPhone 6 will at least have a 4.7" screen with a possible 5.5" coming soon after or early next year.

What also comes with every new iPhone release is a new version of Apple's iOS software. iOS 8 was shown off back in June bringing many of the features Android users love to the iPhone. Interacting with notifications in the Notifications Center, 3rd party keyboards and other customizations, plus some iOS / Mac integrations that make Apple's desktop and mobile operating systems truly seamless.

While many of the rumors like a "sapphire glass screen" are still unconfirmed, the date of September 9 looks poised to bring some exciting announcements. And if you're totally against iPhone / Apple, Samsung has already announced it will release a new Galaxy Note a few days before Apple's event (no coincidence there).