3 Things an iPad Can Replace

Despite having close to 90% of the tablet market, some people still feel the iPad is a consumption-only device and is not made for productivity. For some time now, this assumption has been incorrect. There are people all over the world using iPads to accomplish tasks that weren't possible before and many who have replaced dated and unintuitive systems with an iPad.

The following are three examples of the iPad's productive ability. Far from "play," these use cases clearly show the potential iPad has to be a productive work horse for your business. Some use cases I have omitted include patient monitoring and other tasks for the medical field, the vast array of apps for educational institutions and students alike, and more. To see how some of the largest companies in America are integrating the iPad, visit Apple’s Business Profile’s page.

1. Cash Register

A personal pet peeve of mine is the archaic point of sale systems most retail stores use for their check out process. With Square Register, you can run your entire business’s POS system from an iPad. No merchant account is required, and you’re able to complete cash drawer transactions, take all credit cards, get detailed sales analytics and a whole lot more. Read more at squareup.com/register.

Square Register for iPad

Square Register for iPad

2. Web Development Software

While you may not be able to create a web site from scratch on the iPad, a new app from Panic, Inc. gives developers deep control over their existing projects. Diet Coda for iPad can access any website via FTP, edit files directly on the server, custom keys for coding, and more. Buy it in the App Store here.

3. Restaurant Menu

I’ve seen this in airports, fancy restaurants and hotels: the iPad as a menu. But you don’t need some fancy software or ongoing costs to do this for your restaurant, download LaCarte for iPad to create a fully customized and branded menu that will impress your customers. Also, change a dish or update your menu without having to reprint anything. You can download La Care from the App Store here.