Stop Scaffolding: Start on the House

One of the largest pitfalls to launching your new idea or business is the scaffolding. So many times we try to build all the scaffolding around the heart of our project and never get to actually creating that thing we're dreaming of.

Maybe you wanted to start blogging for the longest time, and instead of actually writing you continue to experiment with different platforms. Maybe you try to perfectly design your Wordpress site, find the ideal plugins and widgets, but never post your first blog. Perhaps you create jewelry at home and thought of making a business, but never put it out there because it's "just not there yet."

The truth is, workers never build the entire scaffolding before the house, they build it over time along with the house. Maybe your website doesn't look exactly how you want it, but don't wait for perfection to start marketing it. Perfection will never come.

Start writing. Start creating. Start building, and that framework, business or platform will develop over time. I've struggled with how my blog looks for years. I started with a propriety Rapidweaver blog, migrated to Tumblr, tried Wordpress and now I use Squarespace. If I had waited to be satisfied by the platform, I still would not have written my first blog post. So, I change as I go, redesigning and adding widgets while I write.

Many times we think that unless something is near perfect it will fail on launch.? While it may take some time to get off the ground, you'll never know the changes that need to be made unless you start doing and stop preparing.

Remember, the key to success is Focused Intensity Over Time (via Dave Ramsey).? That business you start won't be perfect on launch, but unless you start the process it will never be anything.

Inspiration for this post came in large part from the podcast Back to Work Episode 78 ( with Dan Benjamin and Merlin Mann. Highly recommend you listen at