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Ready to Blog? Start Here

​Recently it seems that more of my friends and colleagues want to enter the blogging world. Blogging isn't new, but it is easier than ever before to create a quality blog and not spend your life getting it to work. After all, you don't want to tinker with plug-ins and settings, you just want to write.

That being said, I've tried most blogging platforms out there. Blogger, Tumblr,, Self-Hosted Wordpress, developed my own; there are many ways to do it. But not all blogs were created equal...

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My Writing Resolution

I saw a blog today, it's title was How to Blog for Money and Traffic.

These two things of course are every blogger's dream. To do what you love (write), have lots of people read it and get paid to do it. Dream scenario.

The problem is, many times that means writing about stuff you're not particularly passionate about or trying to SEO every blog post by counting keywords. I know that if I were to write five posts a day with tips on iPhone, iPad or Mac I would quadruple my blog traffic. And while I do love technology and writing about it, that's not what I'm truly passionate about.

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