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Marketing Lesson from Apple vs Microsoft

​One of Apple's strong suits ​is the ability to pull on your emotions in their product advertising. Companies like Google and Amazon started copying Apple's style of commercial appealing to nostalgia and sentiment (see this and this).

Apparently, Microsoft still doesn't get the hint. Two exmaples below show a recent commercial for Microsoft's new Surface Pro tablet. From what I gather, if everyone in your board meeting has a Surface, you're likely to start breakdancing. Aside from the dancing and drawing a check mark on a pie graph, we don't see real-world use cases and it doesn't appeal to emotion.

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Never Tolerate Incompetence

​Developing a motivated and unified team is your job as a leader. One of the key ways to destroy both of those adjectives in your team is putting up with someone who is clearly, obvious to all, not doing their job. Or worse, incapable of doing it.

I was in a music rehearsal the other night, full orchestra. We were rehearsing for an upcoming pop concert with several pieces that called for a full drum set. The drummer at that evening's rehearsal was appalling. Not only could he not keep a steady beat, not only was every fill out of time and tasteless, and not only did everybody know it, but the director said nothing.....

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The Currency of Time

​Investing money is a simple principle; put a small percentage of your income toward an IRA or mutual fund and over time it will grow to a substantial amount. While simple, it's not necessarily easy. Even I struggle with the thought that such small amounts of money don't really matter in the long run. I'd much rather put large sums of money away less often and see the growth instantly.

The problem is, large sums of money rarely come about. Maybe a tax return here and there yeilds a few thousand and it can be saved or invested successfully. But even that won't equal the amount gained over time in much smaller increments.

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A Truly Open Corporate Culture

If you didn't know, @jack is the CEO and founder of two very popular and modern companies: Twitter and Square. One is a social network, the other a modern payment platform revolutionizing how people run their small business. I follow @jack on Twitter and always found him intriguing. 

Recently I found the following article and video from Forbes describing a writer's encounter with the young, millionaire entrepreneur. One of the most interesting pieces is his corporate policy for communication.

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