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Stop Freaking Out About Facebook Messenger

Once again social media has rewarded the hysterical. As you may have heard, Facebook is forcing users to download their individual Messenger app if they would like to message fellow Facebook users. This has been a built-in feature to the current Facebook app, but now they are breaking it out for several reasons.

Know that Facebook is not doing this just to spite its users. Instead, Facebook is attempting to complete on a large scale with the many other popular 3rd party messenger apps (Line, Kik, Whatsapp, etc.) Especially outside the U.S., 3rd party messenger apps are extremely popularand breaking out the app means Facebook can develop and focus on its messenging features to compete.

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Measuring Character

I’ve heard it said that a person’s character can be guaged by what they do when no one is watching. On some level I agree. We all experience those moments when an opportunity to do something less than moral arises, and the possibility of anyone knowing is close to nothing. Maybe it’s in those moments we can see what a person is truly made of. But there is another, much more obvious scenario where a person’s true character will surface:

When they have been wronged.

Offenses comes in many shapes and sizes. There are small offenses, such as a snide remark that can be quickly overlooked and forgotten without saying a word. Others may require an apology or amends to be wiped clean. But there are some offenses that require immediate and powerful reaction. Possibly over a long period of time. I believe it is during these most hurtful offenses that our true character is exposed for all to see.

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A Truly Open Corporate Culture

If you didn't know, @jack is the CEO and founder of two very popular and modern companies: Twitter and Square. One is a social network, the other a modern payment platform revolutionizing how people run their small business. I follow @jack on Twitter and always found him intriguing. 

Recently I found the following article and video from Forbes describing a writer's encounter with the young, millionaire entrepreneur. One of the most interesting pieces is his corporate policy for communication.

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Why I Unlinked Twitter and Facebook

For the longest time I had, like most people, Tweets automatically ​posted to my Facebook profile. It seemed effective, post once and have it show up on both of the main social networks I utilize. Then it became a chore.

With apps like Instagram you can post to Twitter and Facebook simultaneously. I wanted to tweet the photo, obviously, but I prefer how the photos appear on Facebook when they're direct from Instagram (rather than just a link in the FB status). Same with apps like Vine and Foursquare. ​I could always go to Facebook and delete the duplicate post, but that was getting tedious.

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