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Why Every Business Needs To Think About Design

There’s a reason why you’re not using a Blackberry to check your email, or reading this post on your Palm Treo.

It’s the same reason why MySpace failed even though it was “first,” and why Google became a verb.

It’s why you won’t buy something from a shady looking website, and how you can tell a spam email from a real one.

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Dear Church, You're Paying Too Much

When I hear how much churches are paying for their website, live stream or other internet-related services, I cringe. Yes, as little as five to ten years ago, something like building a quality website or getting a live stream of your service was very costly and only done by the largest houses of worship.   

Today, that's simply not the case. But the people who provide those services still want you to think it's just as expensive as it used to be.

In the past, to fashion a website from scratch took deep knowledge of HTML, PHP and other web languages. You needed to know about FTP, domains, hosting and everything in between. Paying for someone's knowledge in this area could cost 1000's of dollars, in addition to whatever graphic design, logo creation and other media assets you would need.

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The Thrill of Creation

The term "creative" is usually reserved for those with artistic abilities, such as a painter, photographer or film producer. And when we don't fall under one of these headings, it's hard to think of ourselves as being a creator of things. The attribute of creative also seems lofty and unattainable for us commoners. 

But in reality, we all create every single day. Even in the most mundane of tasks, if you look hard enough, there's a glimmer of creation attached to it. The essence of creation is bringing something into existence that was not previously. When an artist paints a beautiful landscape, he creates an image that did not exist before. Despite the existence of similar paintings, his is completely unique and has the mark of creation.

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