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Using iOS 12 Parental Controls for iPhone and iPad

If you have children old enough to press the home button on your device, you’ve probably already had to deal with the idea of screen time. Growing up, screen time meant limiting AOL instant messenger, which only lived on the large Compaq Presario desktop near the kitchen.

Today, managing screen time with kids is…a little more challenging. Typically the average household probably has multiple devices, including the parent’s phones, iPads, an iPod Touch here and there, the uncle’s old iPhone, and increasingly, the child’s own device.

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My Client Just Died

After several weeks of phone tag and texts, we finally arranged to meet at my house. She’s in her 60s, glasses, a little scattered, but very nice. As we try to talk over my kids running around the house, she explains the project and her goals. I tell her what we can do with social media, email newsletters, a website and video. She loves all the ideas and I say I’ll send her a contract that night.

A few days later we meet again, signed contract and check in hand. I’ve already done the website for her in good faith, and she loves it. I tell her what I need next for the project, she hands me a check, and we go our separate ways.

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Black Thursday and the Death of Thanksgiving

I have a funny tradition every Black Friday. I sleep in (as much as two small children allow), eat breakfast around 11 something, and go out to the stores mid-afternoon. Yes, I miss all the crazy sales. But I also miss the mayhem.

I've only spent one Black Friday morning waiting in line. I was in college, home for Thanksgiving, and my Dad and I drove out to Circuit City at 4am. They were opening at 5am and we figured there shouldn't be too much of a line. All I really wanted were a couple seasons of 24 on DVD anyway. 

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Sex: Only a Friend Request Away

​Social networking has officially gone off the rails. I'm sure many of you are familiar with smartphone games such as Words with Friends.​ Well, there's a new game for you to play with those close to you...

Bang with Friends

Yes. As the name implies, this social service is specifically made for you to connect with those you know who wouldn't mind casually hooking up.​ For the over 30 crowd that means having sex....

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