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When You Get Exactly What You Want

There are times in life when we happen to get the exact thing we're wanting. Maybe we have worked and strived for years to obtain it. Maybe by some happenstance that thing we've wanted lands in our lap. But it's a sobering reality when we find that the thing we've always wanted comes with a price. 

It's kind of like time travel in movies. If you've seen Butterfly Effect or The Time Machine, you know what I'm talking about. You try to change that one thing; intercept that one moment, that one decision. But once it changes, all the other pieces rearrange too. You cannot change that one moment without affecting the course of your life. 

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Never Tolerate Incompetence

​Developing a motivated and unified team is your job as a leader. One of the key ways to destroy both of those adjectives in your team is putting up with someone who is clearly, obvious to all, not doing their job. Or worse, incapable of doing it.

I was in a music rehearsal the other night, full orchestra. We were rehearsing for an upcoming pop concert with several pieces that called for a full drum set. The drummer at that evening's rehearsal was appalling. Not only could he not keep a steady beat, not only was every fill out of time and tasteless, and not only did everybody know it, but the director said nothing.....

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The Simple Joy of Helping People

Being "tech savvy" has its advantages, but with it comes a certain responsibility. Being a known techie (which somehow people are able to deduce within minutes of speaking with you) will bring with it a host of questions. People will ask you about their phones, computers and iPads; and once you've answered every possible question, you will meet someone new who repeats the process.

I've seen some of these technology aficionados become frustrated with those who simply don't understand how to send an email. Others don't even give those in need the time of day. But for some reason, I don't care how many people ask me how to "send a Wifi,"...

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Trust is Essential

Trust is hard to come by, and it seems that as our society grows increasingly non-personal due to technology, we're becoming less trusting. After all, I trust my iPhone to turn on every time I hit the Home button, and 99 times out of 100 it works just as I expect. A much better track record than most people.

The problem is, in a staff, business or even family setting, trust is necessary for proper function. You need to trust that your employees will get their job done. You need to trust your spouse to pick up the kids from school, and you need to trust the Pastor of a church to be studying for Sunday.

But no one is perfect, and trust will be breached at some point. Hopefully it will be a mild infraction, but other times it could be more significant, with a long road to recovery. Regardless of it's depth, any breach of trust must be overcome. 

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It's amazing how divisive four years can be. Yesterday, if you perused social media after the election you would see those declaring it's the end of the world, and those exclaiming utopia is upon us. Such polarizing opinions based off one man's ability to run a country of over 300 million people.

To be transparent, the election did not end the way I wished it to go. But more importantly, I refuse to live in fear the next four years. I understand the implications of yesterday's election, but I also know that we, as a country, voted to keep a man in office. While we need to pray for our government, even more effort must be put on reaching those who cast these votes.

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