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Taylor Swift, Can We Calmly Disagree?

It’s Pride month, most companies have adorned their social media accounts with some version of the LGBT flag, and now Taylor Swift has written a new song and produced an entire music video for the occasion. But more than celebrating *Pride*, this new music video clearly reveals what Swift and many other LGBT supporters think of those with different convictions.

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Christian Artist, Christian Music

My uncle and I entered a lively conversation via Facebook regarding Christian artists and the music they produce. You can read the comments here. Basically, the question is should a "Christian Artist" solely produce music that directly relates to his faith? Or can a Christian who is also an artist produce both religiously inspired works, and music for music's sake?

The point my uncle has made is that a Christian cannot separate his "art from his faith." While I agree to a point, I believe a Christian can make art for beauty, out of pain or sadness, but does not have to implicitly relate to Christianity. Although, I've found that even music composed without a spiritual basis can be used to worship as well.

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