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Is What You Really Want to Do, Really What You Want to Do?

While at the park the other day, I couldn't help (well I probably could've) but overhear a young woman's phone conversation. ​It sounded like she was talking to a good friend and was expounding on her near and long term life goals. Here are three statements that stood out:

"I would love to teach an art class."
"Just need to get my degrees."
"I hate having to be somewhere at a certain time."

She probably didn't realize it, but like many of us her desires were conflicting. The one thing she said she wanted to do was teach an art class. She believes to do that she has to earn her Bachelor's and Master's degrees (not necessarily true). 

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2013: What Now?

We've made it.

The Mayans were a little off, the world has not ended, the people who built arcs and bomb shelters feel a little silly, and the movie 2012 has a little less punch. While many knew the world wasn't really going to end, it still felt like some of us had parts of our lives on hold.

That feeling wasn't just specific to 2012, we've all been guilty of the "P" word: procrastination. We know we can procrastinate in the little things and get away with it. If the house doesn't get vacuumed today or you send that "Thank You" tomorrow no one is really going to notice. But what about the larger things in life?

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​Generally, it's easy to see something that has great momentum. By definition, momentum is the product of mass + velocity. Think of a rhinoceros. It takes a long, prolonged force (or energy) to cause that animal to pick up speed and gain significant momentum. Equally, it takes time and energy to stop the momentum once it has begun.

​Many times, we seek momentum in our day-to-day, and month-to-month lives. While we work, it's ideal to have a little momentum and get a number of things accomplished all at once. Having momentum in a daily exercise routine is the key to longevity. And we all know once the momentum slows down, it's difficult to start again.

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How to Eat an Elephant

​The most difficult step in any project is the first one. Getting started on a task, be it reading a book, writing a paper or learning a piece of music can be extremely difficult. When all you can see is the finished product, the entire elephant, it seems impossible to complete.

But every task, no matter how daunting, has a manageable first step.​

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I Am a Writer

​Titles are funny.

In the work force we strive to be given a great job title by our employer. Director of this, Coordinator of that, it helps us feel accomplished, important, and most of all it validates our worth. Yet, in the things we're truly passionate about, we find it difficult to title ourselves.

As I studied music in college and heard many professional trumpet players, I found it difficult to call myself a musician. I wasn't even close to the skill level of some players, and was far from considering myself a "professional." Then one of the worship directors at my college said...

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